The Anonymous is Unknown (to me) No More!

It was about two months ago that I first heard of the Anonymous. I went to this Doc Waffles show; you know how I feel about him, at a space in Woodbridge. After Waffles’ set, I left. But because I paid to get in – I rarely use my “guest list” privileges – I was handed...

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Artist Frederick E. Fochtman’s Columbus Skyline Painting

I spotted and met Fred Fochtman in the empty field by my place in Columbus painting the downtown city skyline. The field was originally supposed to be filled with new homes a few years ago but after the housing bust, the construction was abandoned.  Now all that's...

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“How to Shoot Quail” with Detroit’s Doc Waffles

What is it in the water here in Detroit? For some reason we seem to create the most critically loved (Eminem) and hated (ICP) white rappers in the world. Detroit seems to be the place where a predominately black art form can mix with the over-culture and create...

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Scariest Clown Doll On Earth

  My wife won't let me have an Ouija board in the house because she's afraid of ghosts.  But apparently it's okay to have this frightening Poltergeist-y clown doll just lurking in a box under our stairs waiting for its chance to strike during a thunderstorm. I'm...

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Football Fans Are Amazing Freaks

Put down the Coca-Cola and pick up a toothbrush (and maybe a book).  This guy is trying to single-handedly get the Arizona Cardinals crowd pumped.   (I love the guy sitting two seats to the left looking like he wasted his money on these great seats)

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Ultramandaco – Satanistas Free Download

Update: You can now download the whole album for FREE at their site: I met Diego Lana in a bathroom in London while on a rock 'n' roll history bus tour of the city.  He didn't know much English, but it was far superior to my Spanish.  I guess...

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