Artist Gary Schwartz’ Giant Camera Obscura in Detroit

Man, there is some great artwork coming from Detroit lately.  Makes me miss the city greatly.  Local artist Gary Schwartz (with a little help from Joseph Krause) created a giant camera obscura in an abandoned(?) home that's part of Imagination Station by stapling...

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Dial81 Covers Nirvana’s Negative Creep

I love Nirvana and grew up listening to their music. I saw them live (and yes, I'm equal parts bragging and dating myself with that statement). But I usually hate... HATE covers of their songs. Here is an exception recorded by Dial81 doing Negative Creep that I think...

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Crew X – Christmas Rap Music

Whoa.  This is so bad it's good.  How I love the cut-out bin, but to be in the cut-out bin in the dollar store is even better!  I got this (x2) at the .99 Cent store in Pasadena today for .50 cents each.  Released in 1992 by Crew X on the Silver Bells Record Label in...

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Steve Martin Christmas Wish

This is by far the funniest Christmas special skit from Saturday Night Live. [flv: 480 368]

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The Meatmen on Detroit’s, The Ded Dave Show

The Meatmen "I Wanna Die on The Ded Dave Show!" from The Ded Dave Show on Vimeo. Friends of Commodore Crush, The Ded Dave Show featuring The Meatmen.  If you like zombies, swamp creatures and grizzly deaths, you can catch episodes of the skit show on local Detroit...

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