Move Along Please’s Travis Walter visited the NSA Spy Tower in West Berlin a few days ago and took some great pictures.  Beneath it is buried an unfinished Nazi military-technical college called Wehrtechnsche Fakultät.

Travis writes on his blog:

“At various spots in the fence are holes cut just big enough to climb through. So after working our way through all three rows of fencing and climbing up some precarious rubble covered slopes we made it to the compound. There are Devil's Mountain Spy Towermultiple buildings, all covered in graffiti and broken glass. Three or four massive canvas covered domes designed to amplify the tinyest of sounds sit on top of the buildings. We climbed our way to the top of the tallest building, up a sometimes pitch black stair well that wrapped around the central elevator shaft. At the top, inside the still preserved dome, every whisper, every breath and minute movement is audible. The only light coming from a doorway sized hole on one side of the dome where a couple of other explorer/delinquents sat drinking beer and playing with the surreal sounds effects.”

Check out more photos & writing from Travis at his blog while on his travels.

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