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Tomahawk Training!

Check out Tomahawk rocking our Detroit Gun t-shirt in her newest workout video. #rocknrollfitness


The Anonymous is Unknown (to me) No More!

It was about two months ago that I first heard of the Anonymous. I went to this Doc Waffles show; you know how I feel about him, at a space in Woodbridge. After Waffles’ set, I left. But because I paid to get in – I rarely use my “guest list” privileges – I was handed...

Sirhan Sirhan Live at The Casbah

I filmed this "masterpiece" of the awesome Sirhan Sirhan playing All Aboard at The Casbah in San Diego with a cheap VHS camcorder I picked up from the thrift store for $5.00. Yes, the quality is pretty shite, but unfortunately there isn't much footage of them since...

Devil’s Mountain NSA Spy Tower on Teufelsberg

Move Along Please's Travis Walter visited the NSA Spy Tower in West Berlin a few days ago and took some great pictures.  Beneath it is buried an unfinished Nazi military-technical college called Wehrtechnsche Fakultät. Travis writes on his blog: "At various spots in...

Henry Rollins Works Hard, Fears His Audience

“I have a healthy fear of my audience and healthy fear of failure. I fear failing my audience and that keeps me very upright, very awake, very leaning into it – never taking it for granted.” – Henry Rollins from the interview. A singer and writer known for his time in...


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