The spokespeople for The Amino Acids are liars, cheats and charlatans – and I couldn’t be happier about it!


See, back in late 2010, two of the men possessed by the surf-punk aliens, took off their masks, talked to the media and said the Aminos were done. They said the band was played out. In about a decade, the group managed to hammer their sound into our heads through about 500 shows.

So, I talked to Dave Taylor & Scott Boyink – so sexy, just like “Star Search” spokesmodels – about “the end” of the Aminos. The story worked out so well that some fellow journalists give me a few awards for it. Thanks, guys!

That final show in December 2010 at Small’s in Hamtramck was intense. Hot, crowded and loud. Over a dozen TVs were sacrificed as about as many Aminos appeared on stage. And, if you think four or five Aminos is creepy – double that creepiness by two and then put a cherry on top. That was the “farewell show” – big fun for kids of all ages!

Final Show Poster by Chris Urbanski

As proof that the “farewell show” was a destructive masterpiece, people close to the Aminos told me after that the group had knocked a rather large hole in the stage. The cost of the repairs was taken out of the band’s payment for the night by the management of Small’s.

So, maybe that’s why the Aminos are back? These aliens don’t have the money to fix their ship and get the hell out of here. This is funny because the Church of the SubGenius, which the Aminos are proud members, has often delayed its end of the world celebration – known as X-Day – because not enough cash has come in. But, it’s hard out there for a SubGenius. Most of the squares aren’t hip to slack and the mission of J.R. “Bob” Dobbs.

J.R. "Bob" Dobbs

While this Saturday’s show at Small’s will be the first Detroit area appearance of the Aminos in about 14 months, your intrepid reporter found them in Lansing last fall. They shared the stage with long time hardcore punk funny man Tesco Vee and the Meatmen.

Maybe that brief appearance in cowtown was about more than just the music? If I were a betting man I would say that the Aminos were aiming for bringing slack to Michigan’s Capitol. Maybe the Aminos were looking to have “In Bob We Trust” signs placed inside? Whatever their plans, they weren’t talking about it. In fact, they never talk.

The Amino Acids - Live in Lansing,MI: Fall 2011

But ahead of Saturday’s return of the Amino Acids, I’ve got something for you. An exclusive of something no one has heard in full. Here’s the full raw interview I conducted with Dave Taylor and Scott Boyink in the fall of 2010 about the Aminos, their part in this intergalactic sound conspiracy and why the band was calling it quits.

Listen to The Amino Acids interview:

Part 1 of The Amino Acids Interview

Part 2 of The Amino Acids Interview

Obviously, they are liars. So, don’t take what they say 100% seriously. But, it is enjoyable nonetheless.

Portrait of the author as a "jaded whore"!

As for me, if I’m not stuck under the wheels of a Mack truck, I expect to drag myself to Hamtramck – the land where the pierogi flows like water – to see the Aminos tear it up live. I know I will feel like a giddy little school girl remembering the old days. Those wonderful days of fun and frolic before I became the jaded whore you see today.

Please note, I’m not telling you what to do with your weekend. But if I was you – and Praise Bob, I’m not – I’d try to make it to this show because who knows when the Aminos will pull a Jimmy Hoffa and disappear forever.

Here’s the info:



10339 Conant

Hamtramck, MI


DOORS AT 8PM – tickets $7

9:20 – Opening Brag, etc – main stage

9:40 – Karmic Lava – floor stage

10:00 – Boron Nuzzle – middle room

10:20 – Songs from the Moon – main stage

10:40 – Tell All Your Friends – floor stage

11:00 – Three Hives – middle room

11:20 – Coffin Feeder – main stage

11:40 – Best Idea Ever! – floor stage

12:00 – Freak Ache – middle room

12:20 – Man Inc. – main stage

12:40 – JWPP – floor stage

1:00 – The Amino Acids – main stage

This event is officially sanctioned by The SubGenius Foundation.

Official Ordainment packages will be for sale.

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