With a name like “The Shit Howdy Boys”, I couldn’t help but buy it for a $1 at my local Goodwill.

Super rare 70’s honky-tonk (with emphasis on the honky part) from San Juan Capistrano is what you get.  Yes, to the left is the real cover they used for their 45.  Apparently, Swallows Inn is still open and serving Miller Lite & “Fine Food”.  Released on S.H.B. Records & produced by Larry Allen.

I never understood white people that live in SoCal that bitch about Mexicans.  Those nice brown people were here long before you started hanging faux scrotum sacks from the back of your monster trucks.  Anyways, these good ‘ol boys decided to write a touching song about them called, “Beaners”.  No shit.

So, have a little snicker at these songs, and make sure to stay away from Swallows Inn if you know what’s good for you!


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