Ultramandaco Fin

Update: You can now download the whole album for FREE at their site:  www.ultramandaco.com.ar

I met Diego Lana in a bathroom in London while on a rock ‘n’ roll history bus tour of the city.  He didn’t know much English, but it was far superior to my Spanish.  I guess most people that play music can spot other musicians because he could tell that I play, and vice versa.  I couldn’t understand much of what he said in English but he handed me a promo copy of his band’s CD, Ultramandaco – Fin.  After coming home  and finally taking a listen to album, I’ve got to say, it’s pretty awesome.  The sounds mix Latin American traditional pop with tinges of Sloan, Queens of the Stone Age, and Elvis Costello.  And the production is pretty damn great.  Their webpage doesn’t really have much more info, or even if they’re playing, touring, etc.  But it’s nice to get your hands on rare album like this.

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