Picked up this amazing set of old school vintage walkie-talkies at a local thrift store in nearly new condition.  They come with a super long 36″ retractable metal antenna and take 1 single 9volt battery.  If I ever make a Wes Anderson style movie, these must be used for props.  Not a lot of info on these anywhere on the net, so check it out:

  • J.C.Penney 8 Transistor Superheterodyne Transceiver
  • Model No. 680-8025
  • Cat. No. 850-0654
  • Frequency: Channel 14  27.125MHz & Channel 5  27.015MHz
  • Power Source: DC 9V
  • Mono audio out to earplug on back
  • Production date: July 1977

JCPenney Walkie Talkies


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